March 25, 2009: Import nodes from Open-Mesh to an Orangemesh server

The Update. Get it while it's hot!

Note: This update is for Orangemesh versions 0.1-0.3.x. It will NOT work and is not needed for Orangemesh 0.4.x or higher.

Unzip the file, put "export.php" in the /migration directory under your Orangemesh root (newer versions of Orangemesh may not have this directory; if it's not there just create it). Overwrite the existing export.php file. If you use the existing functionality to transfer networks and nodes between Orangemesh servers, you'll need to name the udpate something else and change all instances of "export.php" in the file to match the name you give it.

To use it, go to "Advanced Options" under network settings, and click the last link about migrating the network. The default host name is set to work with the Open-Mesh servers. Enter your Open-Mesh network name and password, and all your nodes from that network will be added to the account you're logged into on Orangemesh. Note that if the MAC address for any nodes already exists in your database, they will be overwritten with the imported information. Additionally, only node name, description, and location is added to your Orangemesh account: the nodes themselves will provide all other information when the check in to your server for the first time. You still need to set your server as the "Alternate Control Server" on Open-Mesh if you want your nodes to start checking in to your dashboard.

We're here to help. Post on the forums or email us at orangemesh at unc dot edu for assistance.