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OrangeMesh is a simple, open source network management dashboard for ROBIN based networks. It helps communities, individuals, and business create and manage wireless mesh networks without any reliance on third parties.

July 30, 2010 | Due to other commitments, development on this project is currently on hold. Please contact us if you're interested in taking over project development.

October 30, 2009 | Just in time for Halloween, a preview release (and scary pre-alpha-ness!) of the new Orangemesh/OpenMesh dashboard.

Aug 3, 2009 | Now available: The One File Dashboard, a checkin script reference.

Mar 25, 2009 | New! Import node data from Open-Mesh.com. Download the update.

latest release:
Orangemesh 0.3.12008-12-15
previous releases (currently supported):
Orangemesh 0.3b2008-05-01
previous releases (no longer supported):
Orangemesh 0.2a2008-04-18
Orangemesh 0.1a2008-04-07
Orangemesh Spanish: (Agradezco a Nodalis.es por la traduccion!)
Orangemesh 0.3b (es)2008-12-15

The bold can also grab from our SVN. We make no gaurantees that what is in there works.

About Orangemesh

OrangeMesh is a network management dashboard for ROBIN wireless mesh networks. It provides powerful network status visualization tools and a centralized network configuration for your networks. And it's specifically designed for community wireless networks, with tools to help manage community members and to grow your network organically.

You don't have to install OrangeMesh to run a ROBIN network. You can use the free hosted dashboard available at Open-Mesh.com, the default dashboard for ROBIN nodes. If you ever decide to run your own dashboard server with OrangeMesh, you can do that later: both dashboards can be used together.

OrangeMesh is supported and developed by Orange Networking, Open-Mesh, Inc, and students at UNC Chapel Hill.


Orangemesh maintains the One File Dashboard, a simple reference guide for the checkin-batman script. The canonical reference will be kept here. You may host this file elsewhere, but please maintain a conspicuous link back to this file so others may always access the most recent version. The utility of this reference depends on your contributions: please help keep it up to date by emailing us changes and updates.

The One File Dashboard (v0.1.1)2009-08-03

Sadly these may not be fully up to date, but they are posted here in case they may be helpful.

User Manual2008-05-01
Design Document2008-05-01

Installation information is included with each release in INSTALL.

Looking for the old "How-to ROBIN" from Antonio's site? It's not there anymore, but you can get it from the Wayback Machine image here. Note, these are sorely out of date but you might find them useful for context.

Getting support

The best place to get support is on the Orangemesh board in the ROBIN forums. They are regularly visited by the developers and are the best resource for both Orangemesh and ROBIN support.

You can also contact the developers at orangemesh at unc dot edu. But please try the forums first -- we promise we'll get to you just as quickly.


The biggest way to help the project is to use it and provide your feedback. You can report bugs and make feature requests in our tracker.

Translators are some of our favorite people. Email us if you'd like to do a translation of Orangemesh. We currently don't have the infrastructure for localization, but we can provide you with a list of all the strings in the software for you to get started on.

Want to contribute code? Made a derivative of Orangemesh? Let us know! We'll work with you to get your code integrated into the source tree, or provide a link to your package.

If you want to give us a donation, we'd suggest you give it to Antonio (the ROBIN developer) instead. But if you really feel compelled we won't say no.

Anything else? Email us: orangemesh at unc dot edu.

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